Get in touch with your inner dog... or chicken... or...American Water spaniel chasing a squirrel
This is the place to get a taste of my humorous illustration, single panel cartoons, pet portraits & colorful cartoon menagerie and make the excellent decision to commission something funny for your next project. Laughing reduces stress, spruces up your pheromones, and makes everything taste better. Take a look around and then let's talk.

Humorous Illustration

man in boxers putting on pantsPerk up your newsletter, annual report, advertising campaign, business stationery, billboard, or book with cartoons or humorous illustration, black and white or full color.

Greeting Cards

dog biting calendarNothing conveys what's in your heart like a character with a big nose and googly eyes. Say it with dogs. Say it with penguins. Heck, say it with what(or whom)ever tickles your fancy.

Pet Portraits

sheltie faceImmortalize your best friend in watercolor and ink or acrylic. You supply photos and a personality profile and in a couple of weeks you have a custom cartoon portrait of the love of your life. You can have the artwork digitally or the real thing on 100# Arches watercolor paper. Matting and framing optional, but available.


naked wrestlersSingle panel cartoons in color or black and white are available through Get a high resolution file to use for your project or have it printed on a gift item from tee shirts to tote bags.

Cheap Apolitical Pagans

cheap apolitical pagan signThe door sign you never knew you needed but can't live without. Suitable for every curmudgeon - elegant and just a little crabby.